Long before the French Revolution, let alone the sexual one, Carnival was one occasion where, with the inevitable social barriers,  people could take liberties that were denied them for the rest of the year

So, as well as a Pagan festivity that preceded and dissolved into a Christian festivity, Carnival was also a moment for playfully discarding disinhibitions, for which the masks and costumes could consent to diminish not just the differences but also fears.

Today it is no longer so. It remains a playful occasion, mainly dedicated to little children, with the occasional fancy ball, but the cape of Balanzone, the Pulcinella costume and the colours of Harlequin, have been covered up by today’s morality, often false and corrupt! And the confetti and streamers end up in our wine glasses. See the floats and join the fun in Genzano, Monte Porzio Catone, Velletri.