Have a look to what some of our guests wrote us.

Hildegunn (Norway) “Friendly group of people and during the cooking course learned helpful tips. The chef was very helpful with his knowledge”.

Maija (Finland) “Great experience, I liked the cooking course where I could prepare dishes that I would not even try to do by myself at home. I would surely recommend this experience!”.

Johanna (Finland) ” Cooking course was great and I liked most the final tasting”.

Claudia (Germany) “I liked the interaction of the people, the friendly atmosphere, the final tasting together at the end of the cooking course”.

Ivan (Finland) “Simply a wonderful experience, thank you!”.

José (Spain) “I liked the atmosphere and the people, even tough we did not know before! great to learn about Italian food culture and chef secrets!”.

Sharon (USA) “Nice experience, to recommed to my friends!”.

Pier-Philippe (Belgium) “You never finish to learn about what is food and wine in Italy, and chef tips are worth the whole experience!”.