Discover, taste, remember

Food is the Italian passion, you know it! What the best way to discover a city or an unknown area by eating what the locals eat?

We offer food market visits, farm visits and cooking courses to share with you the preparation of a deliciousItalian meal with fresh ingredients! You will learn the secrets and history behind each recipe and discover the real meaning of the Italian food culture while enjoying relaxing atmosphere, good food and tasty wines.


As an example, very close to Rome, an area called “Castelli Romani” come to discover Velletri and taste the roasted artchokes. In Rocca di Papa listen the long tradition of the “ciambella degli sposi” (spouses’ donuts) and in Nemi do not miss the local wild strawberries!


There are more than 50 different food fairs all year round in Castelli Romani where to discover the local traditions!

In one of our typical Food&Wine day in Castelli Romani holiday you will

  • Visit the hills of the Castelli Romana area
  • Enjoy a professional guided tour
  • Taste typical Roman gastronomy with local wines
  • Relax on your roundtrip transportation from Rome


Enjoy a panoramic tour of the “Castelli Romani” area and see the famous hills known as Roman Castles: see Ariccia, Castel Gandolfo, Albano and enjoy the view of volcanic lakes, trees and ancient villages.

What to expect

This tour is designed for nature lovers and wine lovers, but also for anyone interested in seeing more of the area surrounding Rome.

Spend a half-day touring Castelli Romani, home to the famous hills known as “Roman Castles.” Escape from the bustle of Rome and visit a typical “fraschetta” the venue where Romans traditionally go to eat their own food paying for the table and the local wine served. Nowadays Fraschettas are specialised in both food and wine, so …relax and enjoy!

The region is home to some of the oldest wine-producing vineyards in the world. Etruscans and Greek settlers produced wine in the country long before the Romans started developing their own vineyards in the 2nd-century B.C. Now, 2000 years later, Italy is one of the world’s foremost producers, for approximately one-fifth of the world’s wine production.