Discover, taste, remember

Food is the Italian passion, you know it! What the best way to discover a city or an unknown area by eating what the locals eat?

Walk Food & Wine

A journey to discover hidden places, different cultures and local products, in full respect of the environment, all proceeding calmly and slowly in order to grasp every extraordinary detail!

Itinerario Tognazziano

Scopri con noi i luoghi amati da Ugo Tognazzi, dove l’attore ha vissuto momenti importanti della sua vita privata e professionale, tra campagna, set cinematografici e geniali intuizioni enogastronomiche

Castelli Romani underground

Cellars for wine storage, Intricate tunnels, still functioning aqueducts,cavities carved into the tuff, catacombs, anti-aircraft bunkers, ancient places of worship…

Marche, infinite beauty

“… Italy is the essence of the world and Marche is the essence of Italy” as the writer Guido Piovene wrote.

Garden lovers

If you are a garden passionate and would like to spend time in the countryside and visit private gardens, we have some proposals for you.

Gourmet experiences

Taste the freshly made olive oil, make your own ricotta cheese, smell the truffles you just discovered, and much more!